The FBF-S machine is a stable fl oor type milling machine for small to medium workpieces with a vertical travel of up to 2,250mm. It is used for general mechanical engineering applications and, due to its incredibly flexible configuration possibilities, now also for contract manufacturing and increasingly for tool and mould making.

The FBF-S series’ strengths – high stability and powerful drive through optional pendulum machining and the combination with NC rotary tables – can also be realised in considerably higher spindle running times.

The most important features of the FBF-S Series:

  • The entire machine has a heavy ribbed and vibration damping cast design
  • INA guiding in all axes
  • Highly dynamic digital drives
  • 32 kW main spindle motor
  • Oil-cooled 3-speed gear drive in the RAM
  • Spacious and ergonomic operator platform that can be moved vertically and horizontally
  • Individually adapted, practical housing


X = 4.000 – 26.000 mm

Y = 1.500 – 2.250 mm

Z = 1.000 – 1.300 mm



Rapid feed:

25.000 mm/min

Work feed:

15.000 mm/min

Max. feed force X/Y/Z:

X = 28.000 N

Y/Z = 25.000 N

Spindle / Millinghead

Power: 32 kW

autom. swiveling head:

diagonal (2,5° x 2,5°) alt.(2,5° x 1°)

4.000 (6.000) rpm


1.520 Nm at 32 kW and 4.000 rpm

1.120 Nm at 32 kW and 6.000 rpm