The FBF-X series has the same technical design as big sister, of the FBF-M series, but with a vertical travel of up to 4,500 mm and a horizontal traverse of up to 1,800 mm, which are pretty impressive dimensions. As a result, it can be used to process larger and heavier workpieces in one set-up.

The machines in this series are also equipped with a fully automatic head changing system with up to 4 different milling heads for the high-precision processing of extremely complex large workpieces.

The features of a rotary and traveling table and tool changers, as well as optional shuttle machining, permit the very cost-effective processing of complex workpieces and reduce set-up times.

The most important features of the FBF-X Series:

  • The entire machine has a heavy ribbed and vibration damping cast design
  • INA guiding in all axes
  • Highly dynamic digital drives
  • 40 kW main spindle motor
  • Oil-cooled 3-speed gear drive in the RAM
  • Spacious and ergonomic operator platform that can be moved vertically and horizontally
  • Individually adapted, practical housing


X = 6.000 – 26.000 mm

Y = 3.000 – 4.500 mm

Z = 1.600 – 1.800 mm



Rapid feed:

25.000 mm/min

Work feed:

15.000 mm/min

Max. feed force X/Y/Z:

X = 38.000 N

Y/Z = 32.000 N

Spindle / Millinghead

Power: 40 kW

autom. swiveling head:

diagonal (2,5° x 2,5°) alt. (2,5° x 1°)

4.000 (6.000) rpm

diagonal (0,001° x 0,001°)

4.000 (6.000) rpm

Horizontal drilling / milling head:

4.000 rpm


1.940 Nm at 40 kW and 4.000 rpm

1.360 Nm at 40 kW and 6.000 rpm