We view our customers as partners

The majority of our customers are companies of a similar size, with a similar structure and facing similar opportunities and challenges in the international markets.

That’s one of the main reasons why we’ve been supporting many of them in close partnerships for decades. We engage with them as equals – in every project we implement for them, with every machine we manufacture for them and in every conversation we have with them. That makes many aspects of our business a lot easier.

Our customers also appreciate the fact that we are committed to continuity and consistency in our market. We assign one single account manager permanently to each customer, and distribute our expertise across the entire team rather than pooling it with just a few members of staff. It’s the face behind the product that builds trust.

MTE naturally has a comprehensive portfolio of traditional mechanical engineering services such as design, project planning and sales. And an excellent after-sales service. Our 70-strong workforce in Spain and Germany has already manufactured around 1,100 machines for the global market, and around 500 of them are currently in Germany.

It feels good to know that somebody understands you. Without any need for detailed explanations and without any friction losses. Perhaps we’ll get to meet each other soon. Or maybe you’ll visit our company so we can demonstrate what we mean.